Sentinel Peak enhances the value of each asset it acquires across all phases of the business cycle by:


Acquiring properties below historical replacement cost


Active oversight of the construction and renovation process


Hands-on, self management of our properties throughout the hold period

The overarching goal that drives us is to continually meet or exceed our investment objectives. We achieve this through acquiring and repositioning sub-performing assets by capitalizing on previously unrecognized inefficiencies. Sentinel Peak develops a deep local knowledge and inventory expertise by leveraging industry relationships and micro-targeted due diligence by submarket. The best investments are made on the strength and performance of local market factors first and macro factors second. We believe, the most successful investors are those who can obtain an informational advantage over the competition.

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Sentinel Peak targets pre-2000 multifamily properties that can be repositioned to achieve superior returns for our limited partners. In order to reposition each asset, investment capital is deployed to address either capital structure or physical / operating deficiencies. After repositioning each asset, Sentinel Peak typically seeks to recapture investor capital via a debt refinance to hold long term or sell the asset once stabilized.

Investment Criteria

Investment Criteria

Investment Type: Garden style multifamily
Target Deal Size: $10.0 to $30.0 million
Property Size: >150 units
Target Markets: Properties located in close proximity to strong employment and entertainment hubs in Texas.

Sentinel Peak improves the resident experience by investing in interior and exterior amenities. These upgrades are targeted to lower maintenance costs and generate a rental rate premium.

Operational Control

  • Due Diligence

    Due Diligence

    Prior to purchasing an asset we do our homework. We personally conduct unit inspections, file audits, financial statement reviews and perform a comprehensive market survey. We utilize this analysis to develop a tailored business plan for each asset.

  • Marketing + Training

    Marketing + Training

    Our due diligence process allows us to identify sub market and industry trends that will enable us to optimize Net Operating Income. Having these tailored plans allow our team members to provide best in class service to our residents and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Procurement


    We have relationships and preferred partnerships with local vendors and suppliers to reduce costs and deliver superior returns to our investors.

  • Recruiting


    We treat each team member no different than we would treat our family. We provide attractive compensation and bonus plans tied to each asset's financial performance. This aligns the interests of our staff with our own and results incremental benefits to investors.

  • Construction Services

    Construction Services

    We provide active management and oversight of each cap-ex project we undertake. We supervise the bidding process, sub contractors executing on time and constantly monitor progress to control expenses.

Financial Management

  • Asset Management

    For each asset that we acquire, Sentinel Peak employs a value-add strategy to improve operational and physical performance of the asset.

  • Financial Analysis

    We scrutinize monthly income statements of each asset that we own to ensure that we are continually operating at peak efficiency. This practice allows us to spot potential problems faster which ultimately minimizes risk and optimizes the returns for our investors.

  • Quarterly Reporting

    We provide quarterly reports that include an executive summary, operating statements and a variance report that tracks monthly, year to date, trailing twelve months, and year over year trends.